Barrier free, lip reader masks!


I'm getting stopped wherever I walk: "where'd you get the mask?."   


The masks are ingenious - we were just talking about how hard it must be for lip-readers to be able to communicate with masks everywhere. 



My daughter thought the mask fit great. It is a great idea and useful to so many. 



Ready to wear: They're washed and ironed.

Cleaning: Wash in soapy water - as this destroys the virus's outer skin. Hand wash only, no ironing. No microwaving, no machine wash. Air dry.

Tiebacks vs elastic bands on ears: No pain tiebacks! Down each side of the mask we have a corded tie. You take the top two ties and lace them behind your head, and the bottom two ties and lace them behind your neck. All done! No more painful ears or losing hearing aids when removing or putting on the mask.

Anti-fogging tips: Dab inside of the clear window with a drop of dish soap, or using a dry bar of soap, smear all over the whole inside of the window. And wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Adjustable fit: you can pull up the nose area, pull down the chin area, and squeeze the sides to get the best fit.

We intend to use proceeds of sales to support donations of masks, to persons in need.

If you want to order over 50 masks contact us here



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