Which cities do you serve?

At this moment, for ALDs rentals, we primarily service the municipality of Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.

What is the difference between POW Hearings’ Live Event Captioning, and CART (Communication Access, Real-Time Transcription) Services?

  POW Hearing Live Event Captioning CART
Pre-event Preparation Including Venue Assessment Visit site, meet AV team, review seating plan, discuss line of sight and dedicated screen placement, prepare captioner hearing assist system hookups, arrange healthy seating for captioners and review video being shown. Get address, arrive 15 minutes prior, arrange power supply.
Set Up Requirements Mixer board output cable for sound, ergonomic seating, full-sized worktable, information regarding speaker names, order, break times and presentation format. Power support and basic seating.
Minimum Hours Booking 3 hours paid, in return for 3 hours worked. 4 hours paid, one of which is billed at full rate = 3 hours worked for 4 hours paid.
Transcription Technique Single-keystrokes, near verbatim transcript, team captioning with trading off every 20 minutes, software used is Microsoft Word, and using assistive listening to capture every word so captioners hear clearly. Specialized phonetic keyboard (English sounds grouped together), specialized software, near verbatim transcript, captioner does not use an assistive listening system, and may have more (inaudible) moments in transcripts.
# of Captioners 2 1
Need to take Breaks? Non-stop production. Yes, must have a break after a specified time.
Spell Checked and Free Transcript? Ongoing, then again in post-production. Complementary transcript 24 to 48 hours post-event. Ongoing but not in post-production. Transcript copy may incur an additional fee.
On-Site Service Coordinator Yes, included for the first hour of event. No.

What do you offer for individuals?

We want to close the gap in taking positive action to hear well when experiencing hearing loss.  We can advise on how to self-advocate in the community and or the workplace for inclusive hearing environments, and assistive device provision at businesses which are obligated by Ontario disability law, to provide hearing access.

We can demo each type of assistive listening system we stock – we do NOT provide hearing aids or cochlear implants – so that you have an understanding of what works best for your listening needs, and are better positioned to let others know how best to accommodate your listening preferences.

We can also advise on how to access funding sources for assistive listening devices.

Our consultations can include having a live captioner take notes for better understanding or later reference (fees apply), and/or, we can provide assistive listening devices during your consult, at no extra charge.

What do you offer for businesses?

We want to ensure you are able to provide hearing access on both sides of the counter – to both your clients AND your staff.  To further this goal, we can:

  • Demo each type of assistive listening system we offer
  • Educate your team on the benefits and features of assistive listening systems and Hearing Friendly practices
  • Source any systems you may find applicable to your needs
  • Suggest system operating methods to ensure they are used to their proper, maximum benefit
  • Audit your workplace physical site for instances of safety-related liability due to audio inaccessibility
  • Recommend Hearing Friendly workspace designs
  • Consult on human resources practices which are inclusive for persons who have audio accessibility requirements
  • Recommend adaptive HR practices that ensure equality of accessibility
  • Consult on hearing loss awareness in the workplace between co-workers
  • Mitigate hearing obstacles through Hearing Friendly physical spaces considerations
  • Discuss your business obligations under existing disability legislation
  • Share the perspective of the lived experience of persons who have audio accessibility requirements
  • Discuss the return on investment of providing a Hearing Friendly environment  

What type of systems have you installed?

We have installed temporary hearing loop systems, temporary hybrid FM/loop systems, TV loop systems, permanent Pro-audio-to-FM systems, and permanent Pro-audio-to-WiFi audio streaming systems.

How do we assess if a hearing loop system is the way to go?

If you believe that a hearing loop system might be beneficial in your commercial environment, we can book an on-site assessment of the area it would be used in. If you are looking to loop a small area, like a reception or office desk, this type of assistive system can benefit listeners who have different hearing needs.

If your commercial venue seats 100 or more persons, a more detailed assessment may be required, prior to deciding the suitability of a hearing loop system.  In this case, a detailed hearing loop assessment would entail taking measurements of the electromagnetic interference levels in the listening space and determining the location of the hearing loop antenna components.  A detailed map and hearing loop design may be generated, showing the possible loop sound signal strength over the listening area. Should clients elect to undergo the detailed hearing loop assessment to decide on its feasibility, there will be a non-refundable fee of $350.  After the assessment is complete, should the client choose to proceed with a hearing loop system (only), the assessment fee will be deducted from the final system installation sale price.

Can you do custom assistive listening system installations?

We assess. recommend, supply, and install custom assistive listening systems.  It all starts with a face-to-face meeting, where we view the listening space and determine the environment and conditions under which the system will be operated in.  Some of the types of system installations our customers ask for include:

  • Hearing loop systems at reception desks, in offices and presentation rooms, or theatres
  • FM system installs in worship centres
  • Entire sound systems, including microphones, which then feed the assistive listening system
  • Hybrid FM / Hearing loop systems, for listeners with or without loop-compatible hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • Live event assistive listening, temporary system installations
  • Permanent assistive listening systems with portable capabilities
  • Residential assistive listening systems for helping hear TVs

What happens when a product arrives damaged or incorrect?

If an item is received damaged or was incorrectly shipped please contact POW immediately. You are responsible for inspecting your merchandise when it is delivered. If there is excessive damage or the shipment is incorrect, you should refuse the shipment and email us immediately.

Occasionally, delivery drivers do not allow enough time for you to inspect the shipment, or the order is delivered while you are not there. If the driver does not allow you time to inspect your shipment, sign for it, noting “damaged” on the bill of landing.

It is your responsibility to fully inspect your merchandise within 15 days of receipt. If you find you have a problem with damage or an incorrect shipment, you must contact us during this period. We cannot be held responsible for damages or incorrect shipments if you wait beyond this period to inform us.  As long as you contact us during this period, any item that is damaged when it arrives will be promptly replaced by us at no additional cost to you.

For incorrect shipments which do not arrive as ordered, you must contact us within the 15 days of receipt period, in order for us to correct the error.  We will promptly correct your order, with applicable costs or refunds made, as long as you contact us during the 15 days receipt of goods period.

Important Note: Please keep the original cartons in which your order shipped until you are satisfied that your merchandise is correct and undamaged. Most manufacturers will not accept returns of merchandise not in the original packaging, and freight companies often ask to inspect the packaging if a shipment is reported as damaged.

Which products are eligible for a return or exchange?

BATTERIES.  All batteries are not eligible for a refund.

HEADPHONES AND EARWEAR.  Headphones and ear wear (single earphone) have a 90-day replacement warranty for any major material defects not related to negligent use.

ASSISTIVE LISTENING PRODUCTS.  Assistive listening products are refundable if notified within 15 days of purchase. Items must be in “new, unaltered and unused condition”. Definition of a new, unaltered and unused condition is: Without showing signs of wear or damage in any way.  Refunds allowed within 30 total calendar days of the delivery date (after 30 days no returns are allowed); unless noted in that item’s particular product description.

NOTE:  Any products returned as defective or damaged will be tested and verified upon receiving the return package. Any products returned as defective or damaged, but when tested are in proper working condition will only receive a refund for the product price only, and return postage paid for by the seller will be deducted from the credit.

What’s the return policy and procedure?

For all returns, approval must first be given, and a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number assigned.

To receive an RMA#, contact us by email, within 15 days of delivery.  Returns are to be shipped back to our Toronto Office at the address provided with your approval Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#).  Upon receiving the return package at our facility, we will send a courtesy email to you along with a timeframe for you to expect your credit to be applied.  Do not ship the item back without an RMA#, as no credit can be applied without one.

Immediately upon receiving your RMA#, ship back to our facility all the items you received with your original purchase (example: accessories, manuals, cords) in your return package. Use the original packing box or one comparable.  You have 30 days in total, from date item was first delivered to you, to complete the return of package(s) to our facility. Manufacturers will not accept items returned past 30 days.

Upon receiving your return package, we will verify that it is in re-sellable or new condition, and then apply a full or reduced credit based on the condition. Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it. A restocking fee will be applied for returned items that are not in re-sellable condition (example: damaged original boxes, cables, instruction manuals,  missing, etc.). Items returned to us after 30 days since first shipped to you, or without a return authorization will NOT be refunded.

Items that are received defective, or by shipping error will qualify for store credit or a cash refund. POW Hearing will reimburse our customers all shipping costs if POW Hearing is at fault. You are responsible for all shipping costs if POW Hearing is not at fault.