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About Us - POW Hearing Solutions

Who We Are

We are POW Hearing. Our late-deafened founder has learned how to clearly communicate in a COVID-19 world, because she has 30+ years of navigating hearing loss by reading lips, and other superpowers.

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An innovative solution to a modern day problem

COVID-19 + clear communication can be possible!

Hey world, welcome to face masks, plexiglass, and everyone's struggle to hear well when speaking with people in a COVID world. 

Did you know:

  • Deaf people created telephones?
  • Deaf people created SMS, of which text messaging was born?
  • Deaf people know how to overcome the hearing problems of traditional COVID face masks and plexiglass shields?

We people who have hearing loss know how to communicate best.

We know what matters in conversation: privacy, facial expressions, and lip reading.

No matter who you are, someone who has perfect hearing, someone who doesn't, someone learning a new language, someone who isn't, clear communication shouldn't go out the window because of COVID -19.

Or maybe it should!

Our clear window masks create a window to clearer communication.

We do more than clear masks - learn about POW Hearing, before we became famous for masks, here.

Want to know what our founder Laura Mather has been up to?  Check out her personal website here.