Consulting Services

We want to ensure you are able to provide hearing access on both sides of the counter – to both your clients AND your staff.  To further this goal, we can:

  • Demo each type of assistive listening system we offer
  • Educate your team on the benefits and features of assistive listening systems and Hearing Friendly practices
  • Source any systems you may find applicable to your needs
  • Suggest system operating methods to ensure they are used to their proper, maximum benefit
  • Audit your workplace physical site for instances of safety-related liability due to audio inaccessibility
  • Recommend Hearing Friendly workspace designs
  • Consult on human resources practices which are inclusive for persons who have audio accessibility requirements
  • Recommend adaptive HR practices that ensure equality of accessibility
  • Consult on hearing loss awareness in the workplace between co-workers
  • Mitigate hearing obstacles through Hearing Friendly physical spaces considerations
  • Discuss your business obligations under existing disability legislation
  • Share the perspective of the lived experience of persons who have audio accessibility requirements
  • Discuss the return on investment of providing a Hearing Friendly environment  

We want to close the gap in taking positive action to hear well when experiencing hearing loss.  We can advise on how to self-advocate in the community and or the workplace for inclusive hearing environments, and assistive device provision at businesses which are obligated by Ontario disability law, to provide hearing access.

We can demo each type of assistive listening system we stock – we do NOT provide hearing aids or cochlear implants – so that you have an understanding of what works best for your listening needs, and are better positioned to let others know how best to accommodate your listening preferences.

We can also advise on how to access funding sources for assistive listening devices.

Our consultations can include having a live captioner take notes for better understanding or later reference (fees apply), and/or, we can provide assistive listening devices during your consult, at no extra charge.

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