Equipment Rental

A security deposit will be charged at time of rental booking, and refunded within three (3) calendar days of your receipt of returned equipment, according to the terms of the agreement.  A full refund will be applied, unless there are items missing, damaged, or charges for late returns.

As part of your rental package, an onsite service coordinator is available for setup and to stay a minimum an hour.

As part of your rental package, an onsite service coordinator is available for setup and to stay a minimum an hour.

For cancellations or rescheduling of dates within 24 hours of the event date, no refunds are provided. In the case of equipment that is reserved but not picked up: a charge of 10% of the one-day rental rate will apply.

If any piece of rental equipment is malfunctioning, please immediately report this to POW Hearing by either EMAIL (at info@powhearing.com). Please do NOT call the phone number provided, as TEXT messages are the only means of contact.

Any equipment failure, problem, damage or shortage which is not reported before the rented equipment is returned may be billed at the normal rate plus any damage or replacement charges, when and if applicable. It is our responsibility to ensure the equipment you rent is complete and in good working order when it leaves our premises. It is your responsibility to ensure it is used and handled correctly. POW Hearing is not responsible for the improper use, or insufficient knowledge, of its rental equipment. Instruction books are available for rental equipment upon request.

Please keep in mind that most problems can be solved by email, or via text message. In most cases, we have found return and replacement or sending service personnel to your site to be necessary only as a last resort. If we must make a service call and the problem is found to be caused by operator error, a service charge will be levied in addition to the regular rental fee.

Renting customers will be asked to provide photo identification.  When reserving or booking an item online, we will ask you to scan a photo ID document, and one other proof of address document. We assure you that all the information that we capture is held in a secure server and not released to the public.

We must enforce this security procedure due to liability concerns and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

All rental fees are due at time of rental booking, plus a security deposit, as per the rental agreement.

Total Rental Charge could be applied to the future purchase of a new equal product at a regular price as per the item rented within 30 Days of the Rental period commencement date. This offer is not available for products that are currently on sale or part of a promotion.

At this moment, for ALDs rentals, we primarily service the municipality of Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.

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