Connecting your business to people who want to hear and be heard!

For event organizers looking to increase audience
satisfaction and engagement,
we will assess your needs, design & implement
the most suitable hearing solutions for you.

Event Hearing Solutions

POW Hearing is a trusted, Ontario based company founded to Make Life Hearing Friendly, creating a future where communication is no barrier. We will work with you to make accessibility for your audience who have hearing access needs easy & simple to implement.

We offer the following hearing solutions:

  • Realtime Captioning: preferred by 90% of persons who have hearing loss
  • FM Wireless Assistive Listening: eliminates issues of background noise and distance 
  • Wifi Audio Streaming: sends sound directly to people’s smartphone app; reaches 150+ listeners
  • A variety of hearing apparatus including headsets, earbuds and hearing loop neck loops because people have different listening preferences 
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Key Benefits

Reach more people

Offer large screen captioning, and bring sound directly to your listeners. Provide a variety of receiver options to the:

  • 20+% of people who have hearing loss
  • 50+% of ESL speakers
  • Persons with audio processing, attention, and visual accessibility requirements

Stronger audience engagement 

Bridge the communication gap so that your events are accessible for people of all hearing abilities .

Increased customer satisfaction

1 out of 4 of your potential attendees have some degree of hearing loss. Reach this audience and make them feel included.




Did you know that POW Hearing Solutions’ products and services also help you meet and exceed Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards for accessible Information and Communication and Customer Service?

Want to reach a larger audience? With us, it's easy!

Create a 'Hearing Friendly' event today starting at $15/seat.*

For more pricing information, contact us at info@powhearing.com 

*The above pricing is for events with a minimum number of 30 attendees.

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