Access Services Rates & Bookings

PLEASE NOTE: Access services only available at Toronto locations.

Booking either the Projected Text Transcription Service or the Hearing Loop Rental is a two step process, involving:

Step 1:

Complete our Booking Form

Step 2:

Also, use our Shopping Cart feature for your specific order.
This will allow us to confirm your order booking date, and provides the option to pay at time of booking.
If paying in advance, instructions are available at the end of the Shopping Cart procedure.

Please see the links below for your particular service:

Projected Text Transcription Services
2 Hour Projected Text Transcription Service
3 Hour Projected Text Transcription Service
4 Hour Projected Text Transcription Service

Hearing Loop Rental
Daily Hearing Loop System Rental
Weekly Hearing Loop System Rental

RATES – Projected Text Transcription BASE RATES:

2 Hours: $195 – $300, depending on level of transcription difficulty
add up to $150 for every hour after

Please Note the following Payment Terms and Surcharges:

Payment Terms
1. At the discretion of our Access Services Coordinator, institutional orders may be required to produce their in-house Purchase Order form, at time of pre-event venue assessment by our Access Services Coordinator.

2. Payment options include email transfer, or cheque; payable on service provision date.

3. A $60 Administration Fee will be charged on orders cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice.

4. All rates and surcharges do not include HST.

1. Our service timelines accommodate fourteen (14) days’ notice. We regret that we can not book any Transcription with less than 5 days notice. 

2. Assignments booked with between five (5) and thirteen (13) days’ notice will incur:
With EXPRESS notice of 8 – 13 days – add 15% + HST surcharge
With PRIORITY notice of 5 – 7 days – add 25% + HST surcharge

3. Difficult transcription circumstances (e.g.: multiple speakers, extended period without breaks during two hour presentations) will incur surcharges from $20 with a two (2) hour booking, to $40 with a three or four (3-4) hour booking.

The majority of our bookings are for a maximum of 4 hours. We may be able to accommodate longer time frames. Please email us to discuss.

RATESHearing Loop Rental Rates:

$250/day, or $750/week + HST

Based on a 2 hour minimum rental, with a minimum booking notice of 14 days
We regret we can not install a hearing loop with less than 5 days’ notice.

One body pack wireless mic and receiver-connect to hearing loop amplifier – $60/day, or $180/week + HST.

Payment Terms

Please note: For Hearing Loop Rentals – a cash security deposit may be required – Please email us for more information.